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Local Busts Nab Felons, Drugs, Guns and Cash

The total net from the bust included two guns, 9.25 ounces of cocaine, 1.7 pounds of marijuana and over $10,000 cash.

On Tuesday, March 15, 2011, the Columbus-Lowndes Metro Narcotics Unit, with assistance from the Columbus Police Department SWAT team executed a search warrant at 1115 3rd Ave North in Columbus, Lowndes County, MS. This search warrant resulted in the seizure of approximately 2.25 ounces of cocaine, a .38 Special revolver handgun, and $780 in cash. Adam Owens, of 1115 3rd Ave North in Columbus, was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. No bond has been set.

Cedric Calmes

Daphne Calmes

Also this date, the Columbus-Lowndes Metro Narcotics Unit assisted by Agents with the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, executed a second search warrant at 116 Dan Buddy Rd, in Columbus. This search warrant resulted in the seizure of 7 ounces of cocaine, 1.7 pounds of marijuana, a Smith and Wesson .45 caliber handgun, and $9743 in cash. Arrested in the operation, were Cedric Calmes of 1116 Dan Buddy Rd., Daphne Calmes of 116 Dan Buddy Rd. Romalro Guyton of 634 31st Ave North in Columbus. These individuals were arrested and charged with possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute and possession of marijuana more than an ounce with the intent to distribute. Cedric Calmes was also charged with possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. No bond has been set.

Adam Owens

Romalro Guyton

Together these two operations resulted in seizures of 9.25 ounces of cocaine with a street value of approximately $26,100 and 1.7 pounds of marijuana with a street value of approximately $10,000 for a total street value of $36,100. These two operations were the results of an ongoing two month investigation into the group. More arrests could be pending.



  1. I wish that we could get some help with this type of arrests in Starkville. Some of our officers (looking for a ventrolla) have told me they don’t have time to worry about drugs. Isn’t that a shame! I hope that it catches on over here. At this point, anything could happen!

    • Gracie


      I too believe you should reveal the names of the officers that have such cavalier attitudes towards the ongoing War on Drugs. This problem has touched all communities in some way,and the matter is serious and reporting their lax attitude is important.

      I would rally the troops(Neighborhood Watch Group, PTA, group of other observers) to review and monitor the police force’s actions, or lack thereof regarding drug arrests and known drug areas. Then, I would write a letter expressing the overall concerns, provide examples from your assessment (“hot” spots, occurrences), mention the officers’ responses and request a follow-up meeting to discuss their strategy and plan for resolution. In the letter, I would let them know the following:

      1) Your acting as a representative of the group
      – provide a brief idea of the group’s geographic span
      (ward, congressional district ect.)

      2) Direct the letter to your respective aldermen, the police chief and the director
      of any drug task force the community has in place. In addition, I would send a cc
      your state legislators. And if your assessment shows activity in or near any type of
      educational facility, copy the principal and school board too.

      I would wait 7-10 business days to see who shares your concerns, and/or who wants to have a chance retaining their career.

  2. Johnny Phillip Morris

    You tell us, Ron, why the Teflon Don of drug trafficking in the area–almost everyone on the streets knows that it’s Chicago’s Napolean Brooks– walks the street, while the mules are rounded up and sent off to Parchman?

    Maybe that’s why the cop on the street loses interest?

    • John Doe

      Still?? I haven’t heard this name since 2001 when 4-5 men ended up found dead in various places around the Golden Triangle.

  3. Johnny Phillip Morris

    Still?? I haven’t heard this name since 2001 when 4-5 men ended up found dead in various places around the Golden Triangle.

    Who’s providing the Teflon to the Don?

  4. Hemingway

    I think the war on drugs is a foolish one. The way I see it, if those police you morons are talking about are doing their jobs, protecting people from violence, rape or any other form of mistreatment to any extreme, then their decisions to not arrest a grown man deciding to do some drugs shouldn’t matter, unless that man is on something that may hurt him or cause him to hurt others, like alcohol, however if someone is smoking pot, then to bust them is completely stupid and ridiculous. They should, however, continue to arrest cocaine distributors and anyone else distributing drugs that can cause one to act a fool. I don’t wish to impose my beliefs towards this matter any further, however I do have a link about the war on drugs I believe you should all check out. and by the way, @bill, that’s not “a lot of good good” unless you’re referring to the coke specifically. the marijuana as far as I can tell is cartel brick weed, most of the trichomes have withered away and you’re pretty much smoking hay. hay is for horses, Bill. unless it is in fact hash, in which case, wtf.

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