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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

It is my request that you print my letter in my efforts to obtain justice and expose the cruel and unusual punishment I’ve been subjected to by the Lowndes County Judicial System. What I’m going to reveal to you is very disturbing and I will support it with facts.        In August of 2009 Attorney/Judge Nicole Clinkscales entered an Order of Continuance in the Lowndes County Circuit Court on my behalf. Said order establishes Nicole Clinkscales as my paid Attorney of Record, indicates my new hearing date, and it was acknowledged and signed by D.A. Charlie Hedgepeth and Circuit Court Judge James Kitchens. (See Ex. D)        On November 11, 2009 my hearing date was held and continued again until the status of my misdemeanor appeal was known. “Attorney Clinkscales was advised that she would be informed of a new date for the hearing.”        In December 2009 Judge Kitchens and Court appointed attorney Steve Wallace unlawfully and against my will brought me to court, found me guilty, and sent me to prison. I’ve been in prison two years now on a five year sentence. In Attorney Clinkscales’ response to my complaint against her to the Mississippi Bar Association she writes “On November 20, 2009 she was advised she would be informed of a new date for the hearing. That although she was the Attorney of Record, she was never advised of any further proceedings by the court. That she was never notified by the court of a hearing and was thus unaware there was any such hearing taking place. And she later learned that  a hearing was held in December 2009 and that I was represented by Attorney Steve Wallace.” (See Ex. “C”)        Judge Kitchens and Attorney Wallace knew I had a paid Attorney in the person of Nicole Clinkscales yet they still plotted together and unlawfully and against my will took me to court, found me guilty, and sent me to prison. Attorney Clinkscales was paid to represent me and she did nothing except rob me and my disabled mother (who lives on a fixed income) of our money. When Attorney Clinkscales found out what Judge Kitchens and Attorney Wallace had done she said and did absolutely nothing about it.        Have the citizens of Lowndes County given their Judicial System over to a bunch of criminals? How can people who oversee the law ask anyone to abide by the law and punish people who break the law when the law officials themselves break the law and never get punished or see jail time. My question is where is the N.A.A.C.P. Or A.C.L.U. When someone and justice really need them. My cry is to the citizens of Lowndes County and the United States of America. Will someone out there that is reading this article please help me bring justice to this cause because the next person victimized could be you, a family member, or someone you know.
Mareio Robinson


M.C.C.F. B-3 Bed #17

833 West Street

Holly Springs, MS 38635-1412


Ex. C

20, 2009, wherein I spoke with Mr. Greathree and Mr. Hedgepeth and learned the Grand Jury dismissed the weapons charge. I reached an agreement with Mr. Greathree to continue supervising Mr. Robinson provided the Court was satisfied with releasing Mr. Robinson. I met with Mr. Robinson to advise him of this and to discuss with him the prospects of the revocation. Upon meeting with Mr. Hedgepeth, we agreed to continue the matter again to allow additional time to discover the status of the appeal from Justice Court – which now formed the overriding basis for the revocation petition. I was advised I would be informed of a new date for the hearing. Although I was the attorney of record, I was never advised of any further proceedings by the Court. I was never notified by the Court of a hearing and was thus unaware there was any such hearing taking place. Moreover, Mr. Robinson and/or his family members failed to remit to me the fees I had earned and that they agreed to pay me to represent Mr. Robinson in these proceedings. I notified both Mr. Robinson as well as his family that I could no longer represent Mr. Robinson due to his nonpayment of fees. I later learned that a hearing was held in December 2009 and that Mr. Robinson was represented by his former attorney, Hon. Steve Wallace.        As he is well aware, Mr. Robinson was provided with competent legal services over and above what was paid to me. I have expended a number of billable hours representing Mr. Robinson and have not only earned the fees remitted to me, but also the entire fee bill owed by Mr. Robinson. I believe that failure to pay attorney’s fees may void a representation contract and therefore allow an attorney t withdraw from further representation of a client. I simply availed myself of this option even after I continued to represent Mr. Robinson for quite some time despite his failure to pay as agreed. I hence deny any unethical conduct and none has been alleged and/or shown by the complaint filed herein. I deny that I was negligent in any manner, as further evidence by Mr. Robinson and his family’s continuous contact with me for additional legal services, as recently as July 1, 2010. I have made every effort to respond and assist them as I do with each client. Copy of said correspondence is attached hereto as Exhibit “E”. While I understand Mr. Robinson is displeased with the outcome of his charges, I respectfully aver that an unfavorable outcome is not indicative of any wrongdoing on behalf of counsel for the defense. I respectfully request this body carefully review the evidence before it, as I know it will, and dismiss the unfounded allegations filed herein against me.        Thank you for your attention to this request and anticipate your favorable reply. Kindly contact me at my office for any further information regarding this matter. With kindest regards, I remain,
Sincerely Yours

L. Nicole Clinkscales



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    This is BS. That attorney/judge needs her privileges revoked immediately as she is a disgrace to the City and community of Lowndes County. She is very unprofessional, unethical and quite “delusional”. I am speaking from experience in a similar case with this pathetic and arrog ant existance of a person. She tries so hard to make her self seem educated, moral and so law abiding when her butt caught a case and pleaded “no contest.” How cowardly can one be and we all know most attorneys are subject matter excellent liars and will say whatever to make themselves sound good or look good before a court. Ms. Clinkscales need to do a serious self assessment and not forget who she is—-no different than any of us. She needs to learn you cannot make an honest living by taking people’s hard earned money. I paid this trash with money I earned while deployed to IRAQ and came home on my 2 week break to retain her and she filed a motion to withdraw from my case only 3 weeks before my scheduled hearing and the Judge allowed her to do so. I know he made that call cause as a fellow officer of the court and her drama filled life, he saw through her and know she is not fit to represent anyone when she is garbage herself. She has a revengeful and evil personality but she btter know that thing called KARMA id nobody friend and her golden day is coming. All citizens of Lowndes county need to stand together and vote this loser out!

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