Guns, Grinders and Scrap Gold

Just after 10:45 pm on Tuesday the LCSS was contacted in regards to a dispute over a cell phone. Mary Mosley stated that a man, later identified as Stanley Roland, had tried to take her cell phone from her on Military road in front of Emanuel High School. In the process Roland reveled that he had a gun. Before officers could make it to Mosely’s location, Roland had left in a red Ford F150.

As I was making my own attempt to reach the scene I passed the F150 heading south on Military road. I didn’t see any officers behind the vehicle so I called it in to 911 and followed Roland. By the time I was close enough to make out the tag number we had driven all the way back into the city. Roland then pulled onto the Hwy 182 bypass at the Military Road entrance and the two law enforcement groups devised what would later be seen as a well executed strategy. By the time that Roland turned west onto Tuscaloosa road there were deputies waiting, not to mention several of CPDs patrol units including Sgt. Ross Richardson.

The vehicle was stopped on westbound side of the road just across from Sylvan Road. Inside officers found the pistol to be unloaded and without magazine. When asked about the original incident Roland stated that there was some confusion about his phone and that Mosley had mistaken her phone for his. Deputies noticed the odor of marijuana in the truck when getting Roland out, and after receiving consent searched the vehicle. Inside they found a tobacco grinder that had been used to grind marijuana as well as a digital scale. When asked about the scale Roland said “I collect scrap gold in Alabama.” In response Officer Clint Simms asked, “then why does it have little green leaves on it” (in reference to the traces of marijuana that were present on the scales.)

The handgun was a Jiminez Arms .380.



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