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Bad Idea Catches Mercedes On Fire

Deputy Robby Roberson and Deputy Todd Mistrot responded to Baywood Drive for a grass fire caused by a car accident. When they arrived on scene they located a white 2005 Mercedes C-class Kompressor at the top of a hill in the middle of a field fully engulfed in flames. Ashleigh Rhett, 18 of 690 Greenbriar Drive, explained that she had decided to take friends off-road in her Mercedes. Rhett and her friends loaded into the car and drove up a hill to a field where the group got stuck trying to turn around. While trying to get the vehicle unstuck the hot undercarriage of the car caused a grass fire. Unable to move the car, all of the occupants abandoned the vehicle as it caught on fire.

No one was physically injured in this accident.



  1. Will

    This kid needs something to do! She needs to be driving a old Pickup Truck. Maybe if Mom and Dad bought her one she would take better car of it!!!

  2. Anon

    I love it when spoiled Heritage kids get a Mercedes and wreck it, only to get a new one and set it on fire! Clearly, you have been bitch-slapped by the hand of God.

    • Gene Wilder

      Anon you are such a prick. Not all people from that school are spoiled rich kids. Especially the ones who have hard working parents and also work hard themselves. And what a great way to talk about God clearly you need help. And she obviously didnt do it on purpose so if you dont know what your talking about shut your mouth not all kids that go to heritage are like that

    • Mike Hunt

      I can can you? it was an accident she wasn’t going off roading it was on her property
      and the road was just muddy it was a freak accident I hope you get aids!

        • Gene wilder

          Jtbaker1962 and your a little bitch if you don’t know what the hell your talking about shut your damn mouth it was an accident it’s not like she would have purposely set her car on fire

          • matt mohler

            Dam rich kids, serves them right. But I guess she didn’t learn anything, hey maybe next tyme she could get one of her friends killed, then she might learn.

      • Penn Jillette

        So I guess what happened to Job was a love tap, right? Or everyone who wasn’t on Noah’s ark even! He killed off the entire human race, but you still claim that he doesn’t bitch slap people. How amusing.

    • Claire Wiygul

      First of all, I can’t believe ANYONE would say that. Secondly, who are you to judge her OR her family? You obviously don’t know them AT ALL, because if you did then those thoughts would have NEVER entered your mind at all. They are some of the most humble, loving, and kindhearted Christians I know. Our God does not “bitch slap” people. If he was going to “bitch slap” her for the type of car she drives, then he would have NEVER died on the cross for yours and my sins. The type of car she drives is really insignificant in the whole scheme of things. Why don’t you worry about something else that is going on in the world such as the heartbreaking disaster in Japan.

  3. Mike Hunt

    no shit its her parents property she is 17 dumbass she has driven up there plenty of times it was just wet and she didnt realize it sure it was a bad choice but even you have made bad choices and the article is so inaccurate its not even funny

  4. Her name is spelled Ashleigh and she is 18. Get the facts straight and don’t run your mouth if you don’t know what happened. She had taken the car up there before and not had any problems. It was a freak accident and it wasn’t her fault.

  5. Girl

    just so everone knows this is the girl it happened to. im not a rich spoiled brat.I didnt go ‘mud riding’ in my car. it was my property and i had all the right in the world to be up there. we got stuck and it caught fire. thats it. and for the jerk that said i got bitched slapped by God im pretty sure you just got yourself a one way ticket to hell. oh and for the other jerks that are posting all these rude comments i just want you to know that if you ever had accident like this i dont think you would want random people who dont know a thing about you or what your family is like, to post things like this. my family is going through enough without your little comments that arent needed.

    i will pray for all of you that think that its okay to make these rude comments to someone you dont know a thing about. May God be with you.

    • M.

      Wow, another hypocritical “Christian.” You say “may God be with you,” yet you tell a person that they just bought themselves a one-way ticket to hell for calling you a brat and saying that they hope you get bitch slapped by God. It’s a figure of speech, they certainly weren’t implying that God is going to literally reach down and smack some sense into you, though I would hope He knows how much you could use it. Check your entitlement at the door, reread your bible, and practice what you preach. Stop making real Christians looks bad.

  6. just another girl

    in reply to “girl”…real creative by the way…I’m pretty sure that being a christian means not judging and telling people they have “a one way ticket to hell” That is something ONLY God can decide so for you to post comments like that just shows your lack of knowledge and just how big of a “christian” you are…..so, thanks for coming on here and proving your true colors.

  7. Lol


    It’s always okay to write nasty comments in the packet if it’s an article about a black or lower class person/ family but please expect hell fire if an upperclass, white person gets picked on.

    With that being said….bless your heart, sweetie. I’m sure that was scary and I’m glad no one got hurt.

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