Tony Deloach Crashes Camaro High On Cocaine

Tony Deloach is taken into custody after plowing his Camaro into a parked SUV.

Columbus emergency crews responded to a two car accident around 5:45am Monday morning. Columbus Police Officer Vincent Samuel arrived to find 28 yr old Tony Deloach, who had crashed his yellow 2010 Chevy Camaro into a parked car just past the intersection of 8th St.North and 3rd Avenue. Deloach said he was travelling south on Military and lost control of his car as he made the turn onto 8th st, causing him to run off of the road and into a parked 1999 Kia Sportage, owned by Tracy Doyle of Columbus. Deloach then stumbled from the car and knocked on Doyle’s door to call 911. [The scene of the accident is in the parking lot next to Tommy Wallace’s old office. The spot is surrounded on two sides by a six-foot-tall retaining wall.-Ed]

Tracy Doyle stands next to the wreckage.

Deloach’s Camaro pinned the Sportage up against the retaining wall, destroying the entire passenger side of the vehicle. The impact was so severe that the rear axel of the Sportage was separated from the frame. Nearly one-third of the rear of the Kia was crushed beyond recognition.

The speeding Camaro crushed the Kia SUV against the retaining wall.

As Officer Samuel went to get Deloach’s insurance from his glove box, he noticed a rolled up dollar bill on the console. When he asked Deloach what it was, Deloach immediately took off running. Samuel tracked Deloach down after a brief foot chase.

Deloach screamed “I’m high on cocaine!!” as officers subdued him.

Officer David Hunt arrived on scene as Samuel caught up to Deloach, who screamed “I’m high on cocaine!!” as he was walked back to the car. Deloach kept struggling with his handcuffs and fighting the officers. As he was being placed in the cruiser, Deloach told the assembled crowd: “I make $27 an hour, believe that! Ha!”

Deloach was taken into custody and charged with Possession of Cocaine, Disorderly Conduct, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and DUI. He also received tickets for a suspended driver’s license and no proof of insurance. [The victim, Tracy Doyle, was very concerned he didn’t have insurance, as she said she still had some payments left on her car- which was destroyed in the crash-Ed]