Meth Lab Busted on Warpath

Kirby Dies

Golden Triangle Waste Services employees called 911 Friday just past noon when they noticed a bag of trash start to smoke immediately after putting into the back of their truck. The employees, who didn’t want to be named, were quick to call the authorities due to a similar situation that happened recently. On January 4th a fire did occur due to water coming into contact with Lithium battery strips. Lithium reacts with water to create heat and possibly fire or an explosion. Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics agents remarked that if you were to put 4 or 5 lithium battery strips in a gallon of water the container holding the water would explode. The chemicals, including Coleman lantern fuel and the insides from an ice mask were also dangerous to inhale and everyone kept a good distance from the bag. MBN Agents had to use a breathing apparatus during the inspection of the material to prevent accidental inhalation. After the bag full of a discarded “Shake and Bake” meth lab was contained MBN Agents and Columbus Police Department Officers attempted to make contact with the residents of the home where the trash was picked up. At first, no one answered the door at 719 Warpath Rd, but eventually officers made contact with a Teresa Bryant who wasn’t sure if anyone else was in the house. Later officer learned that Kirby Dies, 37 of 2995 New Hope Rd, and Shanna Loper were asleep in the rear of the house. The MBN Agent in charge had a search warrant written up and signed by a judge within an hour and searched the house and premises. After a search of the inside of the home was completed, more meth producing ingredients were found. Kirby Dies was arrested for Possession of Methamphetamine and Manufacturing of Methamphetamine. The homeowner Jeannine Faye Bavan Malkawi, who didn’t show up until later, and Teresa Bryant were both found to be in violation of their probation and were detained for MDOC. Animal control came and apprehended the small Cocker Spaniel named Gidget that escaped from the home as agents and officers were entering and leaving through the carport door. An unidentified female appearing to be in her early-20’s was released without charge.

Metro Narcotics Agent Archie Williams removes the smoking bags from the garbage truck.



  1. al

    They apprehended a cocker spaniel! Why, did they feel it was involved in making meth? Or was it because it escaped?

  2. Marsha Ross

    Glad they busted these criminals. Our city workers, firemen and policemen and women are all that stand between us and chaos. The dog might starve or get hurt without someone taking it to shelter.

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