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Lisa Maxey – Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,
My name is Lisa Maxey; I am the mother of Crystal Williams who was involved in the car accident with the garbage truck in New Hope several months ago.
You (the Packet) published an article twice about this accident, once when it happen, and again in January in “Wreck’s of the Year”, I have always enjoyed reading the Packet, but you need to get the facts straight before you print your information. I would like to clear up a few things and I would like for you (the Packet) to print this letter so that the public will know the whole truth.
In your article you stated that my daughter, driver of the automobile that was hit by the garbage truck, that by the way RAN A STOP SIGN, has two of her minor children in the car with her UN-RESTRAINED, one in the front seat, one in the back seat, this is incorrect …both children were in the back seat and both were RESTRAINED, if you would like a report from the hospital, or pictures to prove this I will happily provide these for you, both boys were treated for seat-belt burns, I was there and seen the horrible burns and bruises these children sustained, I am tired of people asking me and my family “why did she not have those children in seat belts?” all because incorrect information was printed by the Packet. Also you stated in this article that the accident was ruled “no-fault”, how can an accident be ruled no-fault when one party involved ran a stop sign???, and just to clear this up, the other party has accepted blame, the automobile had been replaced, medical bills have been paid, and all other details are being handled in a private manner.
I thank you for correcting this information.
Lisa Maxey


    • Columbus Packet

      We do apologize for any mistakes in that article, we also neglected to print a response in the paper this week. The children were initially reported as unrestrained on scene, and no information was released by the Sheriff’s department about minors, as is policy. We absolutely should have tried called the driver to clarify- and for that we sincerely apologize. Especially with the children involved, it takes on much more importance.
      To clarify as to who was at fault, local law enforcement agencies generally do not make the decision who is at fault unless the officer witnessed the accident, they choose to write a report and leave the at fault between the parties and the insurance companies.

  1. kelly martin

    I was also photographed after flipping my boyfriends car. They wrote in the paper that there were no serious injuries but I sustained a broken c7 in my neck. Also my address was written that I lived at 977 Crowe rd in which I lived on Spivey rd about 3 blocks away from my apartment was also incorrect. Police stated it was my fault bit I find it mighty weird how quick they cleaned up all the boulders off of the side of the road and put sharp curve signs all along the curb two days after my wreck. I Just So.deter to myself would I still be suffering with back and neck pain almost two years later if all of that work would have been done before I had left my house. I know the car wouldn’t have flipped and probably wouldn’t have broken my neck.

  2. The people who right the articles are human, and its not like they are purposely misinforming everyone, they do the best the can with the information they are given

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