Dear Editor:
My name is Mary Sue Shield #R7703. I’m currently housed in MDOC for a life sentence on a murder charge that I didn’t commit. I’m not going to tell the public that I didn’t fight Larry Martin, because I did. There are several things that need to come out in my case that the communities don’t know. First, I didn’t start that fight between us, Larry did! Second, after I was sentenced Judge Kitchens saw my mother at McDonald’s and told her that he was aware of Larry Martin passing the first lick. I’m not here to criticize Larry but I do want to talk about the unjust sentence that I received by both the court system and the attorney. The attorney which was court appointed failed to do his job for several reasons. First, he didn’t want to represent me because we had a bad disagreement at the county jail and I told him that I was going to fire him. Second, he failed to do a background check on Dr. Steven Haynes to see if he was qualified to testify on the stand. Not only that, but this attorney was also standing there when the dishonorable Judge Kitchens and I were having a verbal argument. I now know the reason he didn’t ask for a change of venues is because Kitchens was taking up for him because I had filed a motion for dismissal of counsel. Okay, now I need to know, since Judge Kitchens took out the time to sentence me unfairly for the crime that I didn’t commit, who’s going to sentence him for committing perjury on the stand? I’m sure if you look it up it’s also called Bias! I’m now aware that Judge Kitchens should have stepped down from my case when he and I had that verbal argument, which was enough to get me a change of venues! Not only that, but Judge Kitchens and the Court system has been using Dr. Steven Haynes on all the cases that they want to go their way because they know he isn’t qualified to testify in any of these cases. You can look back all the way from Devon Brooks and Kenny Brewer on how unjust the court system is. You can also see they use Dr. Steven Haynes to help with all of their dirty work. Now that Judge Kitchens has been found to have lied on the Quintez Hodges case and to have erred in the Newell case. It’s time for the Supreme Court to step up and say enough is enough and go back and look into any cases that the Lowndes County Judges and Dr. Steven Haynes were involved in. We all deserved to have a fair trial. I’m for justice not injustice and that’s what the Lowndes County Court room has given me. I’m asking Judge Kitchens to correct his wrong.