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Alligator Crossing Guard

Around 7:00 p.m. Tuesday evening Jacqueline Robinson of Brooksville was southbound on Hwy 45 Alt. when she saw a six-foot alligator crawling across the right (west) shoulder toward the highway. Robinson stopped her vehicle well back from the creature and called 911, but the gator lay still with its head on the edge of the pavement and did not venture into the traffic. Deputy Kevan Brown and Lt. Clint Sims responded to the scene. They called the Fish & Game Dept. but were basically told they were on their own. Sunset was coming and the gator was big enough to wreck a car. The deputies considered shooting it but finally decided to block traffic and try to shoo it across the four-lane. Sims blocked traffic in the northbound lanes and Brown drove up close behind the gator. It crossed the southbound lanes on its toes and then worked its way through the median and then crossed the northbound lanes . It dilly-dallied as it neared the east shoulder and Brown eased up behind it and tapped it on the tail with a stick and threw pebbles at it while Sims covered him with his pistol. The gator finally ambled up a concrete drainage device and then disap peared into the high grass east of the highway. [Late last Friday morning a resident reported seeing an alligator on Main Street in Crawford but it was gone before deputies arrived. I went down but also missed it. Ed.] 0

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